Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking.

Alright. So my name is Miles. I'm 27. I guess you could say that's old. I guess I could say Fuck off! Ever since I was younger, my father would show me films such as Escape From New York,

Big Trouble In Little China, and

Point Break

just to name a few. I guess this kind of kick started my love for films and bridged the gap between kiddie films and movies that would later shape my top 100 films and my DVD collection that currently floods my room. I graduated from San Francisco State University majoring in Cinema and live in the East Bay. Not only do I have an extreme love for film, but that love is just as strong for music. I love this time of year, not only because of the weather, (and the clothes the weather calls for [i.e. hoodies, beanies, etc...]) but also because of the films released in theaters. They are usually packed with films aimed for the academy to gawk over. Just saw Gran Torino tonight (which I loved and watching Clint always makes me realize how much I love him...seriously. I want him deep in my mouth. I want to feel every wrinkle...nevermind.) and still have to see Milk, Frost/Nixon, Doubt, etc... Anyway, I'll wrap this up with a list or two...

Top 5 films I grew up with (in no particular order):

1. Big Trouble In Little China (This film in particular still holds up and is easily one of my all time favorites. I love the cockiness of Kurt Russell's character, the mythos the film seems to take on, the score, the quirkiness of the supporting characters, and over-the-top action...and a whole lot more.) (image above)

2. Short Circuit (I love robots. That and Steve Guttenberg. I also had a pretty large crush on Ally Sheedy, who looking back on that movie, it might have just been the sweater hanging off one of her shoulders. I remember this movie being incredibly intense when Johnny 5 was going to die. This film really made me think about death. "Dead as a doornail." Oh Stephanie.)

3. Pee Wee's Big Adventure (All I'm saying is Large Marge used to scare the living fuck out of me. Not gonna lie. I'm saying more though. Some of the score used to give me the creeps too. Pee Wee was like a second father to me with all the fuckin' Pee Wee's playhouse I watched...shit. I can still watch this film over and over. Tim Burton entering my life early was much appreciated.

4. Back To The Future (Oh Marty! Speaking of Marty, did you know that the Best Picture winner from 1955 [the year which Michael J. Fox travels back to] was called Marty? Well now you do! Anyway, I used to yell out "YOU BASTARD!!" and then get yelled at by my dad cause he said it was a swear word. Oh well. It was heavy.)

5. Goonies (Oh Shit! What? This film never gets old. So quotable. Non-stop fun with a plethora of characters each with their own unique quality to bring to the table. I'm glad they didn't taint this film with a shitty sequel ala Lost Boys 2: The Tribe. I used to have the hots for Andy, but who didn't?)

Ok. This blog isn't only about films though. Aaron, my counterpart in this venture, and my love for music, books (graphic novels, comics, etc... included), and other oddities will surely make their way to this blogspot. I'm tired and need to go start 2009. Nothing has changed but that number.