Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I blame rap lyrics. Damn you, Heavy D!"

Tonight the Watchmen is finally out. After all the red tape, and bullshit, we finally get to see it. It looks fantastic.

Lately, I've been catching up on Y: The Last Man. I'd never really gotten into it, and now I'm kicking my own ass because I waited so long to get into it.

The thing about Y: The Last Man is that I feel anyone who has even a passing interest in literature, history, a fascination with the apocalypse or science...I really feel this would be a great read for them. Most people view comics, in general, as a passe art form for the low brow, the nerds or losers who can't talk to girls or something. And thats fine, theres a lot of misconceptions this comic destroys easily. It's funny, brilliantly written, ahead of it's time, and I really think theres something here for everyone.

As Miles mentioned in his post previously, The Walking Dead, which is another comic thats miles ahead of the heard, is something amazing.

It takes places during the zombie apocalypse. It's the story of survivors who more often than not turn themselves into the actual monsters.

I've always been a fan of this comic as well, because even though it's in black and kind of defies color, some how. That the lack of color some how makes it grittier, and makes the scenes more intense. It might be the best representation of the zombie genre I've ever seen, quite honestly. It's another one I highly, highly suggest picking up.

It was even the inspiration for the title for my other blog, Days Gone By.

But in all this comic revelry, I do have a spot of sad news. One of my all time favorite reads has come to an end. It came to an end a while ago, due in part, largely I assume, to the lack of readers. Out of all my friends I talk too, none of them have ever actually gotten into the series, and thats indicative of the franchise of it entirely.

The Exterminators was another comic that was light years ahead of itself. Let me make something clear, as far as comics go, thats actually pretty hard to do. But all the comics mentioned here today, the Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, The Walking Dead and the Exterminator; they are all light years ahead of their time.

But the Exterminators was always kind of the underdog because of it's content. While at times it doesn't even attempt to be subtle with the message it's trying to do, and it's overly bleak view of humanity sometimes get to be just a tad too much, I really feel that the mere fact that it deals with bugs is what did it end.

Some how it's more palpable to death with human beings being dead and eating other humans as opposed to bugs eating us. Ironically, dead humans don't each other in real life, but bugs do.

Reading the final note to the audience from the author, you get a sense that it was heart breaking for him to end something he felt this passionate about, and I'm sorry as hell to see it go.

I've not even started it yet, and I've had it for about two months because I just...don't want it to be truly over yet.

Bug Brothers Forever.

Other than that, theres not much going on. I need some new books to read, so please feel free to suggest anything to me. Same with comic book titles.

As far as movies are concerned, I'm really excited about "I Love You, Man" coming out. It looks hilarious, and in keeping with todays theme of comics, it even has the Hulk in it. YES!

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